The People

The people make Cohub what it is, check out some of our members.

Mark Hadley

Masterchef Semi Finalist, massive foodie

We are a specialised consultancy providing business development support and strategic advice to SME’s that have an environmental product or service primarily, or to other non-environmental businesses that want to green up their business, embrace sustainability and in the process save themselves some costs on their waste management and recycling.

We have steered over 15 businesses to success, from humble origins, the largest we sold out for £40m. We have UK and international clients and brought 35 years of environmental and business development skills into our highly specialised business some 4 years ago.

In the past we have set up and run restaurants, digital information businesses, environmental consultancies, ecological survey companies, insurance brokers, distributorships, agencies, vehicle importing and insect farming businesses.

As there is no intention to grow any larger than the two key directors, we don’t need much physical space and love the idea of using a shared work space. We have been supportive of Cohub since it was a glint in the eyes of Stuart and Laura and have actively championed the concept for smaller businesses that require total flexibility, plus of course there is usually someone around for advice when something digital falls over on us.