The People

The people make Cohub what it is, check out some of our members.

Leo Wakelin

As a 12 year veteran of the video game industry, I've found myself based in various places in Europe such as Paris, Cork and Stockholm.

My role isn’t too creative but more communicative – I act as a liaison between players of games and the true makers of games and filter information both ways in an effort to engage players and enhance their video game experiences.

In an effort to get a little more grounded, I’ve taken the opportunity in my current role to work remotely from somewhere I can be more stable, relaxed and comfortable.

However, instead of working from home and going stir crazy I sought out a shared working environment, and after looking in to the local options I found the Cohub to be the right fit. The mix of creatives & professionals in a similar situation works well to remind me that there is life outside the bezel of my screen!