The People

The people make Cohub what it is, check out some of our members.

Kevin Armstrong

Demand Planner for EMEA, Tate & Lyle plc (no, not sugar any more!)

My days are filled with spreadsheets, pivot tables and forecast bias charts as I oversee the total volume forecasts for Tate & Lyle’s Speciality Food Ingredients business in Europe and Middle East – think sucralose, glucose syrups and maltodextrins as opposed to 1lb bags of sugar. I have a fair amount of enthusiasm for detail, process and just plain-old doing things better, so my work suits me well enough.

My passion however is running. Doing it, trying to get faster at it, and reading and learning about the science of it!

You decide which of the two above subjects sounds more ‘interesting’…

I am blessed to have a London-based job which allows me to work primarily from home however in the last year or so I’ve found the isolation of all that time in the house quite challenging.

Cabin fever is a real thing, it turns out.

Cohub has been a revelation for me; I now love the structure of leaving the house again to ‘go to work’; the easy-going and comfortable work environment; and the lovely bunch of interesting folks to chat to over a coffee when I’m there.